Paleo Branding

Humans have always made marks on things.  I could see it in my own small children.

welcome back 3

So this has always been a fascination of mine, being drawn by signage and billboards and posters and packaging and branding.  It was only when I made a study of the psychology of branding that I got really into it first hand as a designer.  Here’s a little illustration I created in Adobe Illustrator suggesting that this is something we humans have always done!cave-branding


Hello WordPress this is Amy

Being a graphic designer and sign-painter by trade, ordinarily I express myself with pixels or smudges.  So putting thoughts into words is a stretch for me.  So I am going to need to just let it flow.

First, introductions.

Born to a large family in Washington State right on the cusp of Ozzie & Harriet and Leave it to Beaver, I grew up with a growing urge to fight the norm that was placed on all American girls of the mid-century.  I had something to prove, yet I didn’t always know what that was, which has lead me to try lots of new things along the way.  A few of these things, I have mastered while others have merely added character.

I have a pretty creative approach to most everything.  I would rather make it myself than go get something ready-made. When I was in college, I didn’t like to conform to expectations for a girl in the 70s.  And though a small and not a very athletic looking blonde female, I was bound an determined to become a swimmer and later a distance runner – not on any team, but just for my own amusement.

A few decades later, with a similar approach what turned out to be a typical path, I have always found a little unconventional way to be a mother to 5 and now a grandmother. Being married to my BFF keeps me centered and smiling. These people are number one, in my book.

That’s enough for an intro-post. From here on out I will do my best to blog on something that provokes me and hopefully the 10s of you who may read it.